A CIO provides strategic advice as a senior leader planning the technology to fit the organization’s objectives. A CIO brings a kind of “Technical MBA” to integrate business solutions, budget, return on investment, risk and a full understanding of technology options.
Imagine building a house without architectural planning and design. You wouldn’t choose a kitchen sink or bathtub until you knew space requirements and budget for these fixtures.

  • Improved operations or efficiencies: better member tracking, databases, recruiting, HR, or compliance on data protection to avoid stiff regulatory penalties
  • Coordinated communications: internet, email, voicemail, interoffice, intra-office
  • Reduced information costs & preventable technology issues
  • Selection of technology: software, hardware, networks or services to meet business objectives
  • Budget planning to advise business managers so they can make good choices in technology without relying on reactive decision-making or narrowly-focused solutions from the ‘geeks’
  • Offers guidance to the internal staff on planning, initiatives or installation projects
  • Evaluate projects and provide rate of return and other metrics
  • Review proposals from technology vendors and negotiate contract terms

It’s the same criteria for Informational Technology. Smart organizations plan their business objectives first with their CIO choosing a technology plan to fit those objectives.


The mission of ITbriefcase is to apply MBA-style principles to IT and fill the missing gap traditionally found in small to medium-sized businesses.

By providing guidance, structure & leadership for your internal IT functions, generalist managers are freed from the complexities of this specialization and the organization leverages the skills of a senior-level, focused peer to further its goals.



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By using an independent CIO with broad knowledge and with no financial ties to the final project, a process to discover the ‘right’ questions to ask and to ascertain if the solution/firm is the one they should choose, became much less stressful and worrisome.
Ann WernerCFO Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI)