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Organizational Success

Whether for nonprofits or for small-to-medium businesses, requires management and leadership focus on the mission as well as on the bottom line. In a highly connected, always-on and increasingly complex business technology landscape, the challenges of effectively employing technology to further your organizational goals can be overwhelming. At ITbriefcase, we focus on that skill set/layer that often is missing for the SMB market – high-level IT Management that will assist in evaluating, selecting, analyzing and operationalizing your IT needs.

The SMB IT Problem

Organizational and business outcomes are more and more defined by the technology that supports or enables them. If your website is down or your messaging server is not responding, your customers and partners will know it. Most smaller businesses are doing what their much larger counterparts do—running the day-to-day business—but with fewer resources and bigger vulner­abilities. IT is complex and changes rapidly so that every successful technology decision has to be evaluated across multiple variables because there are no “one size fits all” IT solutions. But how can a smaller-budget organization afford the analysis and landscape confidence that larger businesses can afford? ITbriefcase by Archisys affordably brings IT expertise and experience into your organization so that you don’t lose focus or take unnecessary risks with technology investments.  In many businesses, there is a knowledge gap at the management level regarding IT because of resource constraints. IT management may be an extra task for the CFO or Operations VP or Manager who likely has very good process and management skills but lacks the specialized knowledge of IT systems and their core technology needed to effectively evaluate, deploy and manage appropriate solutions. Solution or system-focused vendors, or even in-house IT support staff, on the other hand, will likely look at most issues only from a technical and narrow viewpoint, totally divorced from the underlying business process need. The decision-maker will usually get recommendations from technical or vendor personnel that are wedded to a particular solution without regard to the larger business context. IT decisions that lack high-level business integration knowledge and perspective lead to poorly integrated applications, higher support costs, and infrastructure problems that will ultimately cost the organization even more money to rectify down the road.


The mission of ITbriefcase is to apply MBA-style principles to IT and fill the missing gap traditionally found in small to medium-sized businesses.

By providing guidance, structure & leadership for your internal IT functions, generalist managers are freed from the complexities of this specialization and the organization leverages the skills of a senior-level, focused peer to further its goals.



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Having ITbriefcase review our workflow and map things out provided us with fresh insight to our current systems and where updated changes need to be made.
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