Project Management – Both Overall and Technical Project Management Providing Accountability and Clear Communication to Non-Technical Management Team

CIO Retainer – Long-term involvement with set amount of hours per month for duties – Review Contracts, Choose Platform, Supervise Tech Team, Relay Information to Management Team, etc.

Project Specific – Varied but Examples Include Review of Implementation Plan, Application Evaluation for Business Need, etc.

Compliance Review – Examples – Email Retention for eDiscovery Process, Safeguarding of Personally Identifiable Information (PPI), Storage of Suspect Digital Material,  etc.

Disaster Recovery – Review of Existing Plans or Creation of New

Strategic or Operational Planning – Short/Long-Term, Tied to Overall Organizational Planning

New Initiatives – Department or Group delves into a new area – Assist Management Team in Understanding Implications, Technical Choices & Cost to Better Evaluate Options


The mission of ITbriefcase is to apply MBA-style principles to IT and fill the missing gap traditionally found in small to medium-sized businesses.

By providing guidance, structure & leadership for your internal IT functions, generalist managers are freed from the complexities of this specialization and the organization leverages the skills of a senior-level, focused peer to further its goals.



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As a leader in Landscape Architecture, we have witnessed many changes in our profession and met those challenges with success. One area – the growth and importance that networks and applications have on our business – is one in which we chose to outsource . For 8 years, Archisys has worked with us on many levels and has designed, implemented and operationalized many of the systems we have in place today. We feel that the decision to focus on what we do best and leave the specialized technic…
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